Is Tesla going through a vanity crisis? Step by step, the automaker continues to push back a few kilometers the range of its Model S, suggesting that the imminent arrival of the Lucid Air would cause him ego problems.

This week, it is a reader of the specialized site Electrek who discovered it. On a specification sheet of a Model S Grande Autonomie delivered in November 2020, ten additional kilometers is formally mentioned by the EPA.

The official document, mandatory on all new and used cars in the United States, cannot be wrong when it comes to regulated measures. The specimen in question thus admits being able to offer a range of 409 miles (658 kilometers) according to the standard measurements of the EPA, which previously evaluated the Model S at 402 miles (647 kms).

Tesla Model S increased autonomy

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“The prophecy will be fulfilled” wish Tesla

Question of ego or simple marketing strategy, Tesla’s challenge cannot deny the existence of Lucid. Its first model, the Lucid Air, is not yet marketed of course, but up to 830 kilometers of range will await it next year when its production starts in Arizona. In its “Touring” version, it will display 653 kilometers of range, a version Tesla is tackling today.

Previously, Tesla had already reacted to these echoes from its future competitor by lowering the price of its Model S. In a tweet on October 14, Elon Musk reviewed for the third time this year the entry ticket, going from more than $ 80,000 to $ 69,420 since the end of 2019. In the tweet, the CEO of Tesla wrote that “The prophecy will be fulfilled”, leaving the freedom to its subscribers whether or not to read a demand for leadership and revenge on a competition that will never dethrone it.

Add to that the Model S Plaid’s announcement in September, with its three engines and range of 520 miles (836 km) and you’ve got a real builder ride. challenger challenged by others challengers even more eager to push the electric car to new levels.

Confirmation and details to come

It will be important to keep track of the data posted on the EPA site as well as the Tesla site, as no changes have yet been made to one side or the other. The discovery is only for Model S, and the nature of the improvement (software, hardware, or both?) Is not stated.

Elon Musk may well eventually bring up the subject, now that his Twitter is less concerned with SpaceX and the launch of its first commercial flight with NASA.

At the outset, the Model S Grande Autonomie did not exceed 400 miles (644 kms), following a first test by the EPA that the company had not considered carried out in optimal conditions. Some time later, a new test was done, to establish the average range at 402 miles.

Finally, last June, the changes made included new rims and lighter materials to increase capacity. The latest technology update to the Model S added a more efficient permanent magnet motor. This version, which was the last to date, was tested by Lemon squeezer here.