Tesla has made its charging stations a selling point effective. Unlike its competitors, the manufacturer has taken the road alone towards the development and installation of charging stations. In June 2021, 2,700 stations covered the different markets where it is present, for more than 25,000 “Superchargers”. Before long, a big announcement could arrive.

In Germany, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer continued to fuel rumors about the opening of Tesla charging stations to other manufacturers. In an interview with German newspaper Osnabrücker Zeitung, the man said:

“I am in direct contact with manufacturers like Tesla in order to make sure that the existing infrastructure, for example Tesla Supercharger, is also open to other manufacturers”. Elon Musk had already mentioned it earlier, in 2020. That said, no partnership has been signed since.

Germany, the leading network of shared Superchargers?

The question arises strongly in Europe, while Tesla offers Superchargers equipped with CCS standard socket. The other competing electric car models can therefore, in theory, plug in the socket to charge their car. Today, Tesla only blocks the system by computer.

Europe is very different from the United States, where Superchargers use a Tesla-exclusive connector. The question of opening up equipment to competition would therefore be much more likely on the Old Continent.

At the Ministry of Transport, the will is clear: “There are a few technical issues to sort out, but I think we’ll come to a resolution. The objective is the barrier-free use of charging stations from all suppliers for all electric cars, and this with a uniform payment system, ideally via our smartphone ”.

As a reminder, Tesla has embarked on a major challenge for its Superchargers. According to Justin Lange, an executive at Tesla who contributed to the manufacturer’s electric charging network project, all of the stations will run on renewable energy from this year. A promise announced for nine years.