Volkswagen has come up against Tesla, starting its plan to launch a full line of electric cars. Competition from traditional manufacturers is catching up, market shares will be divided, and now Elon Musk’s firm reacted this week by lowering the price of its Model 3 quite drastically.

Proof that Tesla understands the danger of this competition or not, the CEO of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess, wanted to drive the point home on Wednesday. The business manager, who has already met Elon Musk to give him a try on ID3 (see header illustration), has just created a Twitter account to set himself up as a spokesperson for the brand. At the same time, he teased one of the most respectable and formidable entrepreneurs in his repertoire.

“Hello @Twitter! I’m here to make an impact with @VWGroup, especially on political issues ”, he tweeted, before adding: “And of course to get some of your market share @elonmusk – after all our ID.3 and e-tron won the first markets in Europe. Looking forward to productive discussions! “. This was his very first tweet on the platform.

Herbert Diess, Volkswagen, and the most impressive automotive investment

Volkswagen ID3, Audi e-tron… the references mentioned by Herbert Diess are not trivial. In addition to being the beginnings of a complete range for the group’s brands (Volkswagen, Audi, but also Skoda, Seat, Porsche, etc.), these models are part of a memory that will remain engraved for life for the CEO: after the delicate trial of the “Dieselgate” scandal, Volkswagen and Herbert Diess got back on their feet by presenting an extraordinary stimulus package of 50 billion dollars.

It was certainly the most impressive in automotive history: to wipe off its grime, Volkswagen entered into a contract with Germany and its customers, with the aim of making people forget its image soiled by the thermal engine. In June, when the ID3 was to be launched, the momentum of the brand ended up being hit. In a rush, the electric compact sedan encountered a bug in its software, forcing its team to delay the launch.

Today the ID3 is available on the market (you can check out our test drive here), but the car still runs with missing features. The latest news is that a final update will be added next February. During our test, many points of malfunction were discovered. What to notice that Volkswagen will have to do better than a simple tweet from its boss, to continue to tease Tesla.

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