The Tesla event for the debut of Model S Plaid marketing was live last night (see our summary). Elon Musk and the automaker want to make it a real party at the Fremont plant. For customers, this will be an opportunity to discover and learn about the true capabilities of the sedan which promises 0 to 96 km / h in 1.99 seconds.

Problem: Tesla has just pointed out that such performance should not be expected during the presentation… In question, a necessary tire modification which could not be adjusted in time. The information has been shared on the online configurator. The mention explains:

“Plaid top speed shown requires appropriate wheels and tires which will be available in fall 2021.”

This rules out the car’s acceleration capabilities, but does relate to the top speed at 200 miles (320 km / h) that Elon Musk prided himself on announcing earlier. It is not known whether the new wheel and tire options for reaching top speed will affect the range of the car. Today, Tesla already indicates that the choice of 21-inch wheels (instead of 19 inches) limits the range to 560 kilometers against 627 kilometers.

See you later on Lemon squeezer for a detailed summary of the Model S Plaid presentation at the Tesla event. In the meantime, and as a reminder, discover our latest article about the abandonment of the “Plaid +” version project announced last week.