As promised, as part of his new commitment “Beyond Zero“, Toyota unveils its new bZ4X SUV. According to the automaker, this is the first in a series of 100% electric zero-emission battery vehicles, developed from the all-new e-TNGA modular platform designed and optimized for electric vehicles.

A new “Beyond Zero Emission” SUV at Toyota

It is in partnership with Subaru that Toyota has developed its all-new bZ4X Concept, the small all-wheel-drive SUV thus benefiting from the expertise of each of the two companies. Still in concept form, the latter should be marketed in mid-2022.

Toyota explains: “The Toyota bZ4X Concept, a mid-size all-wheel-drive SUV, is part of Toyota’s transition from a traditional automaker to a company dedicated to providing better mobility for all.”An SUV that promises a first-rate electric drive, supported by an on-board solar charging system, aimed at increasing the overall range of the vehicle.

Toyota also promises an SUV worthy of the name, with real crossing capabilities. The all-wheel drive thus aims to give the driver real off-road capabilities, and more generally increased safety on the road, regardless of the conditions. A vehicle with a new direction “steer-by-wire“, Which promises better overall control of the vehicle, with the added bonus of a new steering wheel with a unique design. “The driver no longer needs to move his hands around the steering wheel when cornering, which adds to the driving pleasure of the car”Explains Toyota.

Like many other manufacturers, by 2025, Toyota’s global range will have more than 70 electrified vehicles, including at least 15 100% battery-electric models the group promises. In Europe, this should translate into an engine mix made up of more than 70% hybrids, more than 10% plug-in hybrids and more than 10% zero-emission models.

It now remains to discover the final design of this astonishing Toyota bZ4X SUV (and whether it will keep this atypical steering wheel…), as well as its price.