Infotainment is a central subject at Tesla, which since the launch of the Model S has offered a large screen in the passenger compartment of its cars. From the start, Elon Musk and his teams never wanted to join a third party software and have developed their own system (now Tesla V11).

For customers, the adoption of the software seems to be full as more and more features arrive and the experience is smooth. But even today, some regret not having Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to find their smartphone’s interface on the dashboard screen.

Android Auto on a Tesla Model 3

An owner of Model 3 located in Romania decided to make it a challenge. On YouTube and the Reddit forum, he posted photos and videos to show how he came to integrate the interface of his smartphone via Android Auto, on his electric sedan.

By going through the available browser, he equipped himself with a device called AAWireless (he is the creator of it) in order to be able to connect Android Auto without going through a cable. “Ok, this is a very, very early stage, and I’m not sure how the development is going to go, but it’s happening.” he wrote on the forum.

The manipulation is actually nothing simple or fast and different problems have arisen, especially in the screen resolution (limited to 480p to keep a minimum of fluidity) as well as in access to sensors such as the microphone for the Google Assistant.

“This is only the very first mockup, so I still have to do a lot of work, to scale it properly and sort out other issues.” he confirms. That said, it has something to be congratulated on while Android Auto worked perfectly when driving, especially with Waze, the alternative to Google Maps for navigation.

In his other details, the man recalled that the skill had worked on this copy of Model 3 but that the Model S, for example, were excluded for the sake of adjusting access to the web browser. It is not certain that Tesla will one day decide to open up to external software. Over the course of its updates, the infotainment system has become a real selling argument.