Despite the health crisis that significantly impacted the automotive industry in 2020, the Toyota group is keeping its pace by becoming the manufacturer to have sold the most vehicles in this complicated year. On top of that, Toyota continues to conduct research in an attempt to invent what the automotive industry of tomorrow will look like. The year 2020 will therefore also have been the opportunity for Toyota to present its Woven Planet project, which consists of working on the design of autonomous and connected vehicles.

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Toyota should soon present its first autonomous vehicle

The Japanese group has appointed James Kuffner, former head of robotics at Google, as head of this project. However, James Kuffner is not the only one in this position, he will be accompanied by Akio Toyoda, the son of the CEO of Toyota. By recruiting James Kuffner, Toyota seeks to combine advances in autonomous driving from Silicon Valley, with its know-how in production.

If this name “Woven” sounds familiar to you, that’s quite normal. In 2020, Toyota also unveiled its Woven City project, which consists of building its vision of what will be a connected city in the future. This place will also serve as a playground for self-driving cars developed by the Toyota group, and much more. During the presentation of the Woven Planet project, James Kuffner and his teams announced that an assisted driving system would be introduced to the group’s vehicles by the end of the year, but above all that a fully autonomous prototype should arrive quickly .

Toyota is therefore entering the autonomous driving sector as a major competitor. Obviously, emeritus manufacturers like Tesla, Waymo, Honda, or even Hyundai are ahead in this area, but Toyota could quickly catch up, even if the group really needs to have some.