After a first announcement in 2012, followed by several recalls in 2013, 2017 and 2019, Tesla reiterates a promise on its Superchargers. According to Justin Lange, an executive at Tesla who contributed to the manufacturer’s electric charging network project, all Superchargers will run on renewable energy in 2021.

For the fifth recovery, nine years after announcing it the first time, Tesla says that this major project will therefore be achieved this year. A challenge for the 2,699 charging stations, some of which use the public electricity network. But an advantage to be taken into account for the Californian firm against its competitors.

Having said that, can we believe Tesla’s words?

A vague message

The message was posted on LinkedIn by Justin Lange on the occasion of Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, without any official relay from the manufacturer. This is the media Electrek who spotted him on Tuesday. It is clear that the message remains vague as to how Tesla will achieve its goal.

The manufacturer leaves with the competitive advantage of marketing energy storage solutions as well as school panels. Some of these installations are already present on the network of recharging stations, but not all are equipped with them and the system does not make it possible to completely replace the power supply with the public network, with various energy sources and not necessarily renewable.

The Tesla executive says, however, that all of the electricity used for Superchargers “Will be 100% renewable in 2021”. It is unclear on which approach the target will be met – whether Tesla intends to negotiate with all suppliers or whether it relies on its own storage facilities and school signs.

Tesla Renewable Energy Superchargers

© via Electrek

The published message was however the occasion to find some interesting statistics on the network of Tesla Superchargers since its inception. In ten years, the manufacturer has recorded a distribution of 2.4 TWh of electricity, for 8.3 billion miles (13.3 billion kilometers) traveled without emissions, 334 million gallons of gasoline saved and 3 billion kilos of CO2 compensated.

Finally, here is the first event during which Tesla promised Superchargers with 100% renewable electricity. It was in 2012: