After Renault which made its “Renaulution” a few weeks ago, it is the manufacturer Jaguar which presented its recovery plan: Reimagine. The manufacturer is thus promoting a reinvention of luxury that is both modern and sustainable, and this essentially involves the electrification of the range.

Jaguar, soon 100% electric

Note however that this is not a light electrification, with hybrid models that will come alongside purely electric models. No, because Jaguar plans to become a 100% electric brand, starting in 2025!

Jaguar I PACE Steering wheel

At present, the brand has only one and only 100% electric vehicle, namely the I-Pace. If the Land Rover brand will evolve more smoothly, with a first electric model expected in 2024 and a desire to become carbon neutral by 2039, Jaguar aspires to become fully electric in just a few years.

As a result, future Jaguars will be developed from a purely electric platform, like the Land Rover group’s EMA platform. Recall that, since 2009, Jaguar has fallen into the hands of the Indian giant Tata, which is undoubtedly no stranger to this new direction taken by the manufacturer.

Like many other manufacturers, Jaguar Land Rover will invest heavily in electromobility, and promises to invest 2.5 billion pounds per year, largely in electricity, but also to ensure the development of the hydrogen to meet future demand.

In short, if you dreamed of soon offering yourself in dealerships a Jaguar F-Type with a 5.0L V8 engine, hurry, because the next models of the firm will not have quite the same sound …