Like many other manufacturers, Mercedes obviously has many electric vehicles in the pipeline. Among them, a certain EQA, which wants to be the little cousin (electric) of the GLA. A model that will be officially presented tomorrow, via various clips “personal and captivating”Promises the brand.

The Mercedes EQA on the way!

The star brand is obviously focused on e-mobility, and intends to demonstrate this tomorrow by lifting the veil on its EQA model. The new Mercedes EQA takes all the characteristics of the GLA model, combining them in electric mode, with a total power of 140 kW (190 hp).

Mercedes already specifies that after the market launch, other power levels up to more than 200 kW as well as a variant with all-wheel drive will follow successively. On the occasion of the recent CES 2021, Mercedes has lifted the veil on an integrated HyperScreen screen, which will notably be part of its future EQS. It remains to be seen how the interior of the EQA model will look.

Mercedes explains: “What is the same for all customers is the easy handling of the EQA in everyday life. This is guaranteed, for example, by the standard navigation system with Electric Intelligence. It calculates the fastest route to the final destination. Based on continuous range simulations, necessary charging stops are taken into account, along with many other factors such as topography and weather.

The new Mercedes EQA compact SUV should be available in dealerships next spring. It remains to be seen at what price this electric cousin of the GLA will be displayed.