At the very end of 2019, BMW finally said “ja” to Android Auto. In fact, for a few months now, BMW has made room for the Google operating system on board its vehicles, after having exclusively offered compatibility with the Apple ecosystem. Today, it is compatriot Porsche who confirms the arrival of Android Auto on board, by 2022.

Porsche (also) opens to Android Auto

Indeed, if the German manufacturer now has (like so many others) its eyes on electromobility, Porsche is also thinking of modernizing the interior of its vehicles, technologically speaking, and this involves supporting Android. Auto. Thus, the next generation of Porsche 911 will indeed integrate Android Auto on board.

Porsche Taycan interior

Google’s system will not replace Apple CarPlay, and the future owner of a Porsche 911 will therefore be able to synchronize his smartphone with the dashboard of his car, whether he owns an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Compatibility offered in the form of a long-term trial (3 years) in the Porsche Connect suite, available with the purchase of the vehicle. Subsequently, you will have to pay for this option.

Users will obviously be able to use voice control “Hey Porsche”To control certain aspects of their car, without forgetting the navigation. Note that currently, only the new generation of 911 is affected by the integration of Android Auto. We imagine, however, that Porsche will find a way to integrate the Android software also in the very recent Taycan, the latter being equipped with the very latest version of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM).

For a few months now, many manufacturers have been using Android Auto on board their vehicles. This is the case for BMW, Porsche soon, but also Ford, Citroën and Volvo, not to mention more “low cost” manufacturers, such as Dacia.