While many motorists think about the electric car, many are quickly called to order by various concerns inherent in electric mobility, starting with the speed of recharging. However, with its new EV6, Kia promises to offer the best user experience possible.by making the electric vehicle a perfectly viable day-to-day mobility solution“.

Kia EV6: the electric car with ultra-fast charging

Of course, the new Kia EV6 is based on the new international modular electric platform (E-GMP) reserved for the brand’s electric vehicles. As a result, this platform turns out to be more advantageous than a platform originally intended for a heat engine, since it makes it possible to optimize 100% of the vehicle in production (unlike a platform intended for a heat engine and modified for an electric motor).

Kia EV6

© Kia

In this way, the new Kia EV6 inaugurates a high speed multiple charging system. A system that is compatible with both ultra-fast 800V charging stations and conventional 400V charging stations, without requiring a special adapter or additional on-board charger. But the other good news is that by connecting the Kia EV6 to an 800V terminal, recharging from 10 to 80% is done in just… 18 minutes!

Recall that the Kia EV6 is equipped with 77.4 kWh batteries, enough to cover a little over 500 km in the combined cycle according to the manufacturer. As part of the Ionity consortium, Kia also allows owners of an EV6 model, but also other EV models in the Kia range, to access more than 400 high-power charging stations in 24 European countries.

It should also be noted that the ICCU module allows up to 3.6 kW of power from the vehicle’s battery to be transferred to other electrical consumers. A “reverse charge” system similar to that of certain smartphones, but which here allows electrical devices to be recharged, inside the vehicle, but also when stationary, via an external V2K socket. Obviously, this function is deactivated as soon as the vehicle reaches a minimum load of 20%.