A colossal partnership could tie Samsung to Tesla on a potentially gigantic new order. According to several South Korean media, Samsung, via its branch Samsung Electro-Mechanics, will be responsible for the rearview cameras of the future Cybertruck. Tesla’s pickup is scheduled for the end of the year.

The two firms have not announced any such news for the time being, but the contract between them for this order is estimated at $ 436 million. “We cannot confirm customer details”the Samsung subsidiary told local media.

Currently, Tesla is already working with Samsung on an even bigger project: the production of 5nm microprocessors for its future self-driving cars. Its reversing cameras are also signed Samsung.

A major call for tenders

The mirrors have not yet been presented on the prototype but the final version will offer simple cameras instead of mirrors. Like an Audi e-Tron Sportback, screens in the passenger compartment will provide the camera feedback. Currently, neither the Model S, Model X and Model 3 offer such technology. It is not known if the partnership with Samsung provides for a rollout across the range.

Tesla’s name does not appear anywhere, information shared by South Korean media preferring to mention “A North American automobile manufacturer […] to growth of 35% last year ”. The call for tenders was reportedly won by the Samsung subsidiary, a victory for its activity impacted by the health crisis. The model in question would be “A new car presented in November 2019”, corresponding well to Cybertruck.

The cameras as mirrors will not be the only ones signed by Samsung. The press explains that all the cameras would be included in the call for tenders. We would thus find the eight cameras arranged by Tesla on its current models, in addition to the two side mirrors.