We were going to see what we were going to see. In 2017, Emmanuel Macron announced the era of the “start-up nation”. With digital tools, France had to start a revolution and enter a new dimension. Like a symbol, “Candilib”, the government platform intended to facilitate the making of an appointment for the driving license, and which presents itself as a “state start-up” turns out to be a nightmare for users. .

Candilib, users facing the jungle

With a name that is reminiscent of the famous Doctolib, Candilib aimed, according to the initial promise, to allow candidates to pass the driving license. The target audience ? Those who have used an online driving school like Ornikar, In Simone Car or Free Permit, underlines BFMTV. On the site which is still presented today as a beta, learner drivers should be able to obtain a date easily and free of charge.

The ace! The platform that made its debut in 2018 is now a real gas factory. Finding a date is a real way of the cross, as many internet users tell us on social networks. For those who manage to get a date, the delays can range from 3 months to 1 year!

At the root of this problem, we find first of all the health situation. Many driver’s license exams have been postponed due to the two lockdowns. An accumulation of candidates which blocks the new ones. But, this is not the only problem. Some smart kids have decided to take advantage of the situation to earn money. This is how “Candibot” was launched, which allows notifications to be sent to registrants. Commendable service. The problem is that it takes advantage of the industrial vagueness of the platform. To access this service, you had to pay 8.50 euros per month first. The price has now been revised upwards to 15 euros per month.

Candibot should be banned. Candilib operates on a free, first come, first served basis. It is quite amazing that the state allows such a bot to thrive

denounces a professional to BFMTV. If officially Candilib changed its allocation method in December to give an advantage to older registrants, the service is still very saturated and difficult to use. In June, a second platform, “Rendez-vous permis” will be launched. It remains to be seen whether she will not suffer from the same ailments.