The Porsche Taycan has just won a whole new world record. The Guinness World Records were there to endorse it. The Taycan now holds the world record for the longest line with an electric vehicle. On the German Hockenheimring circuit, driver Dennis Retera managed to achieve a 55-minute drift! At an average speed of 42 km / h.

What model was used?

The Taycan rear-wheel-drive used to achieve this record has not yet been marketed in most of the countries where Porsche operates. It is therefore a Chinese model that was used for the occasion. The technical inspection of the vehicle was carried out by DEKRA, a European vehicle inspection company. It was even Denise Ritzmann, former drift champion, current DEKRA employee who carried out the control.

In its statement, Porsche writes: “GPS and yaw rate sensors inside the vehicle were used for documentation purposes, as was a camera installed on the roof of the track control tower, with which the record course was filmed ”. Finally, Joanne Brent, judge of Guinness World Records, gave her verdict by designating Porsche as the new holder of this record. To tell the truth, nobody has tried to drift for a long time with an electric car yet, Porsche therefore appropriates the merit of having tried and therefore sets a first objective for the next one… And why not Tesla?

A Tesla Model S Performance and a Porsche Taycan Turbo S competed in several races

Regardless, 55 minutes of drifting with a Porsche Taycan, whatever the model, remains a real feat. People who have had the opportunity to test this vehicle will tell you how difficult it is to get this car off even slightly. But then spinning without stopping for 55 minutes is strong.

From now on, who will manage to beat this record set by Porsche? I put a piece on Tesla who loves competition and especially when it comes to the Taycan.