Would you like to stimulate your child while he is confined to the house? The good news is that online educational content has abounded in recent years, with tools that allow children to learn their school subjects as much as to develop skills such as creativity and collaboration.

"Many associate digital with games and entertainment, but it can also be synonymous with learning," recalls Thierry Karsenti, holder of the Canada Research Chair in Information and Communication Technologies in Education. Montreal university.

According to the latter, who recently identified more than 13,000 screen time studies, you can rest easy when you encourage your child to use a tablet or computer for educational purposes. "We must stop demonizing screens," he observed. Your child can certainly abuse electronic devices, but well-supervised use can also be beneficial.

This supervision will vary according to your child's age, autonomy and ability to concentrate. "On average, plan two or three 30-minute sessions during the day," suggests elementary school teacher Samuel Bernard. But don’t push if he’s not thinking about it. You can compensate by offering him other types of activities, such as sports and cooking, or playing a video game with him. Lots of seemingly mundane moments can become an educational experience. "

You may need to follow your child closely, but they may be independent enough to be left on their own. "If he is alone, it is important to choose applications that offer instant feedback to keep him motivated," notes Maxime Laflamme, educational advisor and project manager for the École branchée organization.

To help you plan your activities, Protégez-Vous asked school experts to share their favorite applications and websites for children aged 4 to 12.

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Applications in English?

Some applications offered here are offered in English only, such as Bloxels Builder and Popplet. "We prefer resources in French, but that does not mean that we must deprive them if they are only in English, especially if they are worth it," said teacher Samuel Bernard. It is then up to the parent at home to translate the children's menus if necessary.

Apps and websites for children from 4 to 6 years old
Apps and sites for children ages 7 to 9
Apps and sites for children aged 10 to 12

Apps and sites for ages 4 to 6

Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: $ 13.99
An educational application designed in Quebec that teaches reading numbers and their representations (abacus, bags of marbles, etc.) to children aged 3 to 10. The application is suitable for all children, but it is especially recommended for young people with learning difficulties or disabilities such as dyscalculia, dyslexia or ASD.

Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: $ 17.99
An educational application designed by the creators of Blips! which allows you to learn how to read syllables and words. The level of difficulty can be customized by the parent to meet specific needs.

Platform: Web
Price: Free
A web application to learn reading through an individualized course thanks to artificial intelligence. The site is designed for children from kindergarten to second grade. The parent must register beforehand to invite their child afterwards.

Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: $ 6.99 (free on iOS and $ 0.99 on Android until June 30, 2020)
A mobile application developed in Quebec that promotes the cognitive development of children from 4 to 6 years old thanks to classical music recorded by real musicians. This allows you to discover concepts such as pitch, tempo and timbre.

Book Creator
Platforms: iOS, Web
Price: Free ($ 2.79 for the full iOS version)
A tool for all ages to design multimedia books. A parent with a preschooler can use it to create a photoroman or a story with their child's drawings, for example. On iOS, the free version Book Creator One is suitable for families and allows you to design a book (an in-app purchase unlocks the possibility of creating several).

Platforms: iOS, Web
Price: Free ($ 3 per month for the full version)
Schema software that allows young children (with their parents) to gather family members, tell a story with photos, create pairs, opposites, and more. Free and unlimited on iOS, but you have to pay $ 3 per month to have access to more than 10 online diagrams on the web version.

Tayasui Sketches
Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac
Price: Free ($ 8.49 for the full version)
Drawing and painting software for ages 4 and up offering realistic brushes for older children (oil painting, etc.) and activities for younger children, such as coloring and drawings to complete. The free version is enough to make beautiful creations, but the paid version offers additional features, such as additional brushes, watercolor painting and the possibility of synchronizing his works online.

Platforms: Android, Chrome OS, iOS (iPad)
Price: Free
A programming language for children aged 5 to 7 that allows them to move, jump, dance and sing characters using graphic programming blocks. A simple online search will find many tutorials to guide your child in his learning.

Active for life
Platform: Web
Price: Free
A site that brings together more than 200 physical activities to do with your child. These are listed by age (from 1 to 12 years old) or by the types of skill to train, such as balance, agility or throwing.

Apps and sites for children ages 7 to 9

Platforms: Android, iOS (iPad), Web
Price: Free
A platform with more than 130 books classified into six levels allowing the child to be told a story, to read it and even to record it out loud (functionality available on iOS and Android only), and for the parent to follow its progression.

Constellation of the Bear
Platforms: Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Mac, Windows
Price: Free for 3 months, then $ 20 per child
This ecosystem of literary and artistic creation allows the child to invent and write stories – alone or in a team – inspired by a multitude of creative (fairy world, eco-responsibility) and historical (Iroquoian, New France, etc.). The app, designed for classrooms, requires some parenting.

Duolingo kids
Platform: iOS
Price: Free
An application to learn to read and speak in English or Spanish through a series of educational games. It is a child-friendly version of the popular Duolingo service, which can even be used from the age of 6.

Slice Fractions
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows
Price: $ 5.49
A game aimed at 5 to 12 year olds to practice fractions in a fun way, and whose effectiveness has been demonstrated by a study by the University of Quebec in Montreal. A suite, Slice Fractions 2 ($ 5.49), offers additional learning to the original version.

Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: Free
An online service for recording and editing your own podcasts. Anchor.fm is suitable for all ages, but younger children will need the help of a parent to use the platform.

Platform: iOS
Price: Free
An application to create simple videos, which allows you to film, edit and add special effects. Subtitles can also be automatically integrated into his works thanks to voice recognition.

Stop Motion Studio
Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Software designed to easily create stop motion animations (frame by frame). To be used with a parent from the second year, or alone if the child is older. The mobile app is available as a free version with in-app purchases ($ 6.99 to unlock all features, such as importing images and sound effects).

Platforms: Android, Chrome OS, iOS (iPad)
Price: Free
A programming language created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for children 8 years and older, for which thousands of tutorials can be found online. It allows you to make animations, games and stories, and then share them with other children around the world.

Télé-Québec in the classroom
Platform: Web
Price: Free
The Télé-Québec portal brings together various educational content, including literature kits, video dictations, scientific experiments, home-made music lessons, history lessons, and more. Teachers also give advice to parents who want to teach their child at home.

Apps and sites for children 10 to 12 years old

Platforms: Android, iOS, Web
Price: Free
An educational video game to practice conjugation, where the player has to jump a ninja from obstacle to obstacle and correctly answer questions to advance. The child can choose specific verbs, or those of a specific group, as well as the tenses to practice.

Irregular Verbs Challenge
Platform: Web
Price: Free
An educational game that makes it easy to memorize irregular verbs in English. The player must pass an animal through an obstacle course mixing conjugations and play skills. The child can choose the verbs as well as the times he wishes to practice.

Platform: Web
Price: Free
An educational video game to practice vocabulary words, in which the player embodies a mage who must attack enemies by casting spells. Words are added by hand or through pre-recorded lists (accessible on the Alloprof platform website) according to age and word type.

Platform: Web
Price: $ 95 per year (free until July 1, 2020)
A platform that offers thousands of mathematical activities, consistent with the Quebec study program for children from the third year of elementary to secondary four. Netmath allows children to learn independently, and parents to monitor their progress.

Bloxels Builder
Platforms: Android, iOS, Web
Price: $ 20 US
A web application to design retro video games. A physical box is also sold ($ 48, including a code to unlock the software) to create your characters by hand, and not on a screen, by inserting blocks on a game board.

Platforms: Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Web
Price: Free
A platform for creating and sharing quizzes. Adults can use it to assess their children's learning, and young people can use it to challenge friends or even parents after learning a lesson at home.

Platform: Web
Price: Free (with optional paid plans)
A professional platform for creating websites, but easy to use. The child can publish their site on the Web if the parent wishes, and keep it up to date afterwards. The service is free, but paid plans (starting at $ 5 US per month) offer additional features, such as the ability to use your own internet address and remove Wix ads.

Swift Playgrounds
Platforms: iOS (iPad), Mac
Price: Free
An app to learn the Apple Swift language, used by thousands of apps in the App Store, while having fun. The software is also compatible with certain electronic devices to be programmed, such as robots and drones.

Platform: Web
Price: $ 8.25 per month (a free weekly magazine is also offered)
A series of educational guides to develop the digital skills of young people and help them decode current events. Each article is followed by a quiz to check their understanding of the text.

Open school
For parents looking for information to help their child learn at home, the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education launched the Open School platform in the spring, which brings together resources for all disciplines and all ages, including preschool, elementary, secondary and adult education.

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