Last February, the whimsical founder of Tesla announced that the company had just acquired $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. At the same time, Elon Musk was promising his customers that they would soon be able to buy their electric car… in Bitcoins.

It was through a tweet that the CEO confirmed that this payment method was now available. He also specifies that Bitcoins collected will be kept and will not be converted into dollars.

In a second tweet, he explains that this payment method is currently only available to American customers. The rest of the world should be able to pay the Tesla in Bitcoin “Later this year”.

By using a VPN, you can discover the new payment facility on the American site. Customers can even pay the reservation fee ($ 100) with Bitcoins. This corresponds approximately to 0.0018 Bitcoin at the current price.

For a Tesla Model S Long Range, it is therefore necessary to count the equivalent of 1.42 BTC. The last Plaid model is 2,04 BTC. Given the high volatility of the Bitcoin price, this amount could still vary significantly until this payment method arrives in France. In any case, this amount will remain very far from the first Tesla (used) sold for 91.4 Bitcoins in 2013, which is about $ 5 million at the current price.