For a few years now, the automotive industry has been changing to gradually turn to electricity. Most manufacturers now offer sedans, small city cars, SUVs, 4X4s, pickups and other more sporty cars in electric versions. However, if there is one vehicle that represents a real challenge for the future, it is the van. One of the goals of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, is to make the entire fleet electric, starting with delivery vehicles. Several manufacturers seem ready to respond to the government’s request, such as General Motors, Rivian, or even Ford.

Uber, Tesla, Rivian, and others, grouped together within the same structure: the ZETA

Tesla still victim of the same problem

As you will have noticed, we did not mention the most emblematic of electric manufacturers: Tesla. It must be said that if the company headed by Elon Musk is causing a sensation by selling its sedans, and preparing the arrival of its Cybertruck pick-up, Tesla has only very rarely mentioned the possibility of designing a van or a van. However, things could change internally.

When the company’s fourth-quarter results were released on Wednesday, an investor approached Elon Musk asking what his plans were in this regard. The billionaire was frank in explaining that a Tesla electric van would be in the works, adding however that the production of batteries was delaying his ambitions. A brake that can also be felt at the level of the Tesla Semi, and on many other projects carried by the company.

Tesla continues, thanks to its own factories, but also thanks to a few partners, to redouble its efforts to produce ever more batteries. However, these efforts are still insufficient today to allow the launch of a new vehicle. However, the company could rearrange its priorities, as it did with Powerwall when Model 3 was released.

The Cybertruck is back

Still during the same interview with investors, Elon Musk had the opportunity to discuss the Cybertruck. Not to be confused with Cyberpunk, the Cybertruck is an ultra-futuristic design pickup, presented by Tesla in November 2019. The CEO announced that the first Cybertruck shipments will arrive as early as 2021, but that the company will be fully ready to produce this vehicle in large quantities from the year 2022.