We hear about Tesla almost daily, whether for its tequila, for its New York taxis, or quite simply for its dizzying results. However, the manufacturer does not talk so much about a certain model: the Roadster.

Even more mysterious than the Cybertruck, the Tesla Roadster is a 100% electric sports vehicle, and it is also the very first car produced by Tesla in 2006. It will take 11 years for the American manufacturer to unveil what the car could look like. second version. The latter is scheduled to be marketed in 2021.

Apart from these few information, we have no other details about this new Roadster. At least until today. Also on Twitter, Elon Musk himself responded to a user by explaining that the Tesla Roadster will be available in some pretty special colorways.

In 2011, when the first generation Roadster was released, Tesla offered 13 different colorways. So far, for the new model, the manufacturer has only revealed two colors on prototypes: a sort of orange red, and a very beautiful dark gray.

On the internet, Tesla fanboys don’t do things by halves. One of them colored a photo of a prototype to create various models. There is an apple green, blue, black, orange Roadster, various shades of red, or even purple.

Tesla Roadster

© Electrek

It’s now over 6 months since Tesla teased the most exciting announcement about the Roadster. Indeed, the Tesla Roadster should be entitled to a SpaceX edition. Here’s how Elon Musk described this edition: “We’re going to use very high pressure compressed air – it’s a cold gas propellant. The main thruster will be like behind the license plate, so for acceleration it drops the license plate and behind the license plate is a rocket thruster ”. Worthy of a good James Bond.