A few days ago, we wrote that Electrify America, carried by Volkswagen Group of America, aims to double its network of charging stations by 2025. Electrify America is the largest electric charging network in the States -United, and is aimed at all types of vehicles.

Other companies like Tesla are also developing large networks, but exclusively for their vehicles. At least that was the case until now. By the end of the year, Elon Musk plans to open his Superchargers for everyone. The CEO of Tesla has been talking about this idea for a long time, and 2021 could be the right year.

Tesla will adapt to the competition, or not …

Obviously, such an announcement requires a lot of changes from Tesla, especially in the United States. In terms of connectivity alone, if in Europe the American manufacturer uses the CCS standard, in the United States, Tesla uses its own connectors which are incompatible with other manufacturers. Chances are, adapters will quickly be created and sold to owners of vehicles other than Tesla.

Another issue worries Tesla owners, it concerns the occupancy rate. Now, if the Model 3 is such a popular vehicle, it is not only for its price, and its many qualities, but also for the ease of finding a free place to charge your vehicle. With the arrival of new vehicles, there is a good chance that this accessibility will be more complex.

In principle, Tesla doesn’t do much at random, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the American manufacturer has already thought of a solution like the possibility for Tesla owners to reserve a Supercharger before arriving at the station.

In parallel with this announcement, Tesla continues to work on a multitude of other projects. Some rumors suggest the possibility of discovering a Tesla at 25,000 euros without further delay. The manufacturer has already been trying for several months to make its Model 3 more accessible.