For a long time, the Mini Urbanaut electric van was only a virtual 3D model. Today, Mini goes into the concrete and unveils a very real prototype of this vehicle which makes more than one dream. It was during an event organized in Munich that the British manufacturer presented this surprising rendering.

3 modes in one vehicle

With its 4.46 meters long, Mini with this Urbanaut concept emphasizes living space and sustainability. As usual, this manufacturer has an eye for detail, since the entire interior of the vehicle has been designed and created for travelers. The interior can be configured between three modes: Chill, perfect for times when the van is stationary for a break. Wanderlust, designed for use in autonomous driving situation, but also classic. Vibe, who “Blurs the boundaries between outside and inside”.

With this vehicle concept, Mini wanted to push its state of mind to its climax by using, for example, very few components, and non-recyclable materials. The manufacturer has also sought to create components that have several uses. For example, the dashboard can also be used to install the bed.

Today, the production of such a vehicle is not envisaged by Mini. It is only a prototype to try to realize what the automotive industry of tomorrow could look like. Mini which also prefers to focus on its future three-door sedan which should arrive in 2023.

Mini, like the majority of European and international car manufacturers, is in the process of transitioning to a new way of producing, notably with more electric vehicles. Yesterday morning we learned of the return of the famous Renault 4L in electric version for 2024. Audi for its part announced to end its heat engines from 2033. Slowly but surely, the automotive industry is turning to electric.