As part of Computex 2021, the giant AMD held a conference, during which the group reviewed its various technologies, and in particular its Ryzen processors and RDNA2 GPUs. Technologies dedicated mainly to gaming, on PC as well as on consoles … but which we will also find on board Tesla!

Like a PS5 tune in Tesla

Indeed, if this same AMD architecture is present in our powerful next-gen consoles that are the Xbox Series X and PS5, the latter will also be responsible for animating the on-board console of the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X Elon Musk has never hidden his desire to introduce video games on board his vehicles, and we have to admit that the latter does not do things by halves.

It was Lisa Su, CEO of the AMD group, who confirmed the news, specifying that the Tesla on-board consoles will thus be able to benefit from a power of 10 Tflops! By way of comparison, the PS5 displays 10.28 Tflops, against 12.15 Tflops for the Xbox Series X. A fairly phenomenal power therefore for a dashboard integrated in a production vehicle.

The Tesla Model S and Model X will thus be real gaming machines, since the latter will integrate no less than two AMD graphics cards. The first will display relatively “casual” games, while the second will activate when a more demanding game is launched. Obviously, for Tesla, it is here to avoid consuming too much energy, and to use the second graphics card only when necessary.

The first Tesla vehicles equipped with this AMD technology will be delivered as of June 10. On the Elon Musk side, we are obviously delighted to be able to offer an entertainment system “as powerful as a PS5“. It remains to be seen now which games will arrive on board the Tesla, and who really wants to get into an AAA game in their car …