By presenting the iPhone to the world in 2007, Steve Jobs and his turtleneck suspected that they had just revolutionized the world of mobile telephony, and much more …

IPhone made you more tactile

This in private as well as in public. It should be remembered that at the time, what we called smartphones were Blackberry-type phones, with keyboards or touch screens. These were just starting to become more popular, and were often used with styluses. The first iPhone, although far from perfect, has fully relied on this way of navigation, thanks to multipoint technology, on a large touch screen. Gestures then unusual for human beings may have started to appear, such as “pinching” the screen to zoom, or even this casual swiping of the finger, which is now referred to as “swiper”, and which is part of the daily life of smartphone users.

Online shopping

One year after the launch of the iPhone, Apple launches the App Store. An online store to acquire applications, games and do lots of more or less useful things with your phone. 500 apps are available at the launch of the App Store, which will affirm a new trend for the coming years. There are now over two million of them and Apple’s main competitor, Google, also has its online store, the Play Store.

Siri home phone

In 2011, a new feature will – literally – make people talk. When the iPhone 4S was launched, the famous Siri voice appeared. You can now interact with your phone by voice, ask it questions and also pass for a strange person in the street… Siri is the first voice assistant, who has since made small: the connected speakers that have flooded the market for years. And gave rise to requests sometimes … let’s say, strange.

But if not Siri, when is the next iPhone coming out?

Lend a cable

“Does anyone have an iPhone charger?” A question that comes up very often. Since the beginning, Apple has been making accessories to very specific standards that are different from the competition, owners of smartphones decorated with the bitten apple logo regularly find themselves looking for the right equipment to be able to recharge the precious device. For 12 years, we have often seen them go wild because we could not lend them one …

Impossible mission

In spy films, some devices are triggered only upon recognition of the eye or face. And while we thought this use only reserved for Tom Cruise and company, Apple made a daily gesture in 2018. After Touch ID, which allowed to unlock his phone using his index finger, thanks to the recognition fingerprints, Face ID has emerged. You only need to present your face in front of the screen for the iPhone to identify you, and the feature can also be used to validate online purchases. So if Marie-Antoinette had had an iPhone …

Sources: The Parisian, France Inter