The SteelSeries Nimbus controller in Plus version

The SteelSeries brand is proud to announce its brand new Nimbus Plus joystick. A controller that succeeds the standard Nimbus model, notably bringing clickable joysticks and various improvements. This is an MFi controller (or Made for iPhone), a certification which notably allows developers to allocate certain specific functionalities to Apple devices.

The Nimbus Plus controller adopts a relatively classic design, a sort of fusion between an Xbox One controller (for the buttons) and a PlayStation controller (for the sticks). The controller comes with a small clip, which allows you to install an iPhone. Like the Nimbus controller, this new Nimbus Plus controller has a rechargeable battery. The designer promises a battery life of up to 50 hours, and recharging takes place via a Lightning connector.

SteelSeries Nimbus Plus Controller

A controller tailored to allow players to take full advantage of the games offered (among others) on the Apple Arcade service. Obviously, if the controller is designed for the iPhone, it is also compatible with the iPad and Apple TV.

Let us recall that the giant Apple launched, in September 2019, its Arcade service, at a price of 4.99 euros / month (with a month of free trial). At this price, subscribers can enjoy unlimited access to a catalog that includes 100 new exclusive games compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV.

Price and availability

This new SteelSeries Nimbus Plus controller is available now on Appleā€™s official website for $ 69. A price 20 dollars higher than that of the Nimbus controller, and a Plus version which will arrive on the SteelSeries site at the end of May. Currently only available in the United States, the Nimbus Plus controller is expected to arrive in France soon.