China deploys its 5G network – Geeko

Despite tensions with the United States and accusations of spying through its telecommunications structures, China does not want to lose face and tries to demonstrate that it is able to support and deploy quickly the
5G technology. China still hopes to be among the first countries to offer 5G to the entire population – even if it has already lost the race against South Korea. With almost a year ahead of schedule, the
Chinese government recently launched the national rollout of this new network.

Three of the largest mobile operators China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom will offer 5G in their subscriptions across fifty major cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc.), reveal our colleagues Echoes. Deployment and availability that will make the Chinese network the largest 5G network in the world.

Attractive rates

To develop this new network on the territory, 80,000 base stations have already been installed in the country and another 45,000 will be installed before the end of the year in the main Chinese cities.

Mobile operators have agreed on a price schedule. Thus, the 3 largest players on the market will offer a similar price range of 128 yuan (16 dollars) for 30 GB and 598 yuan (76 dollars) for 300 GB. Very attractive rates, comparable to what is done currently with 4G subscriptions, but will offer much faster surf speeds.

According to estimates by the firm Jefferies – questioned by Les Echos – the 10 million pre-registered subscribers to take advantage of this network will increase to 110 million by the end of 2020.