To date, nearly 3 billion people on the planet are confined. However, the situation is only getting worse, as Italy is now Spain's turn to break the sad record set by China. Our Italian and Spanish neighbors are already experiencing more deaths than in China. However, the situation does not yet seem to alert the entire population.

A 77-year-old Spanish man was arrested quietly playing Pokemon Go on the street. Since March 14, Spain has been confined to try to curb this dramatic situation. This measure was first taken for 2 weeks, but it is very likely to be extended until the beginning of May.

In the La Latina district of Madrid, municipal police officers saw this old man in the street and therefore decided to arrest him, as has been the case since the beginning of the confinement. The agents then asked the reason for the presence on the street of this man, and the latter would have answered in peace that he was hunting Pokemon thanks to the game Pokemon Go.

Bewildered in front of so much aplomb to give such a ridiculous reason, the Madrid police preferred to laugh by posting this tweet on which we can read: "Hunting for Pokémon, dinosaurs or any other magical creature is prohibited during the state of alert. Don't look for excuses. " The man was also fined.

Even though Niantic, the studio that develops Pokemon Go, has widely informed its users about the situation by inviting them to respect confinement while staying at home, the case of this man is not isolated. Last week in Como, Italy, a 31-year-old man was found wandering the streets with his daughter in search of Pokemon.