Since its release last November, the PS5 proudly displays on its box the ability to display 8K or 4K at 120FPS. Problem? As of November, it’s virtually impossible to play at 120FPS even if players have compatible displays. Faced with this problem, many tickets have been sent to television manufacturers with consumers who were convinced that the concern came from their monitor. Obviously no, and Sony should fix this error soon.

Samsung clears up the problem

Samsung TV PS5 120 Hz

© Samsung

Visibly annoyed by the large number of returns from its consumers, Samsung has made things clear on its “community” part. No, the 120 Hz display problems with the PS5 do not come from televisions, but from the console. Sony would also be on the verge of offering a big update to correct this if we are to believe David B’s post, a community moderator from Samsung.

The error has been located and Sony is expected to release an update in March to make 4K 120Hz HDR possible. Please keep the PlayStation up to date with the latest software. The TV does not need a software update.

For its part, Sony plays the transparency card and does not hide the concerns encountered by the PS5 about 120 Hz.

The PS5 console supports the HDMI 2.1 specification, but also supports 4K and 120Hz video output. However, there aren’t many 4K 120Hz compatible TVs on the market. Sony Interactive Entertainment is working with TV makers to try and resolve issues during this transition period, but gamers may have issues with 4K 120Hz at this time.

Sony does not however specify the period at which the firm intends to resolve the problem. It is certain that the manufacturers of televisions are in possession of confidential information and even if all this is not yet official, it is already a first clue indicating that the problem will be solved soon.

After this little problem, Sony will have to keep a close watch on another problem that is starting to affect more and more PS5 players. That of the ” DualSense Drift Which renders the controller of the latest PlayStation console unusable. Who said the launch of a new machine was just a long, quiet river ..?