Analysts at Wedbush Securities recently announced the staggered arrival of a more affordable version of Apple’s next smartphone. And for good reason, it would ignore a certain technology …

While its big competitor, Samsung, has chained the announcements of late, the high-tech world is desperate to see Apple’s response. What is the Californian giant concocting for us for its new wine?

Certainly, thanks to the leaks which have taken the habit of flooding the Web, we have a small idea. But we also feared the worst, with this pandemic. And if his famous Keynote should finally be maintained at its traditional month of appointment, in September, it would seem that we should not expect to see the next iPhone, which however usually serves as the star of the event, be presented at that time.

The apple brand would indeed have been forced by the health crisis to postpone its release. In any case, this is what announced for some time now several leakers professionals. And according to a very recent rumor whispered by the subject matter expert Jon Prosser on Twitter, the Cupertino company would indeed be content to initially present the new iPad and Apple Watch, on September 7, before unveiling at the world, finally, the iPhone 12 on… October 12. Date on which it would also be directly available for pre-order, with a marketing supposedly scheduled for the following October 19.

While Jon Prosser also mentions in his tweet an iPhone 12 Pro which would follow in November, what interests us especially today are new rumors, always concerning Apple and its next smartphone. Whispers this time coming from an investment and other financial services company called Wedbush Securities; in a note reported by Business Insider at the beginning of the week, analysts from the private company assure that the californian giant would prepare yet another version of the iPhone 12, more affordable this time …

4G at “low” price

Based on their control of supply chains in Asia, said experts indeed seem to have put their finger on a model that would only embed 4G. However, Apple’s new flagship promises, let us remember, to be the very first of the brand to be 5G compatible. A technology that is somewhat expensive, which is why other rumors still suggest that the Californian company would no longer like to provide a charger with its next smartphones, in order to offset the cost of 5G rather than increase the price of precious.

While we expect to discover the iPhone 12 this fall at a price similar to that of its predecessor, Apple seems to want to continue to target a larger audience. This is what the company has done with its iPhone SE, which proved to be a big hit when it was released just a few months ago. And that’s what it could do again with this 4G version of the iPhone 12, which could cost around $ 800 according to Daniel Ives, one of the authors of the Wedbush Securities note interviewed by Business Insider. Which also predicts the arrival of this new model on the market for early 2021, more precisely around the month of February.

Of course, none of this is official. And the American media specifies in its article that it tried to reach Apple on the subject, without comment. We will have to be a little more patient before discovering the iPhone 12 and the surprises it has in store for us.

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Sources: Geek’s Journal, Business Insider