I already gave you the definition that I have … Of the word madness? All FarCry 3 players will recognize this legendary phrase. A straight out replica of comedian Michael Mando, the actor who lends his features and voice to the incredible Vaas Montenegro, the iconic villain of FarCry 3 (Ubisoft-2012). Since the release of the game, things have changed for Michael Mando who has had a good career.

Lately, it's in series like Better Caul Saul or Orphan Black that we have been able to see it. And to be able to chat with his fans, the actor opened a channel on Reddit to chat with them. It was during a few exchanges that our dear Michael Mando literally hyped the players!

FarCry – The return of Vaas?

He is considered the best antagonist of the FarCry saga, far ahead of Pagan Min (FarCry 4), Joseph Seed (FarCry 5) or even recently the sisters Mickey and Lou (FarCry New Dawn). Vaas Montenegro is incredible and clearly brings a big plus to FarCry 3 which is already very good. And if, for our greatest pleasure, we saw Vaas coming back soon in a new opus from FarCry… On next-gen?

During his question and answer session on Reddit, Michael Mando clearly gave fans hope by telling them that this character means a lot to him and that perhaps he will be brought back to this role soon.

Thank you very much ! Vaas is my totem animal – helping to create this character will always be dear to my heart. I am still recognized as Vaas and I always feel an overflowing love for him. It makes me very happy. Who knows … Maybe I'll take over the role very soon? : p

So of course, that doesn't confirm anything. Because even if a new FarCry was in preparation, Michael Mando would be on NDA and therefore could not talk about it so freely. However, that doesn't mean you don't think about it from Ubisoft. The good news is that FarCry 3 has already been released as a "Remastered" version on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so the actor cannot tease the arrival of a Remastered. This statement is not there to be pretty, and it gives a lot of good hopes on PS5 and Xbox Series X.