Since 2016 and the release of PlayStation VR, virtual reality has become mainstream and offers affordable offers to discover this fascinating technology. Since that same year, VR is in the process of democratizing with prices ranging from single to double and more or less efficient helmets. HTC, Oculus, Samsung, manufacturers are more and more numerous.

For several years now, rumors have announced that Apple is entering this market. According to the latest information from our colleagues at Bloomberg, the Apple N301 would be the code name of the first “high-end” VR headset marketed from 2022.

The Apple N301, the very expensive headset for an exceptional VR?

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© Unsplash / Laurenz Heymann

The code name of the headset would therefore be “N301” and Apple’s idea would be to offer a high-end headset intended for a niche market (therefore relatively expensive) from 2022 before offering more affordable augmented reality glasses from 2023.

According to Bloomberg information, the headset should offer a 360-degree 3D display for playing video games, consuming video experiences, communicating, attending events such as concerts or sporting events filmed in exclusive virtual reality. by Apple. It is for this reason that the firm at the apple would have bought the company NextVR specializing in the production of this kind of event. A new platform similar to the Apple Store would appear with a new operating system codenamed “rOs”. The headset could also offer some notions of augmented reality.

The Apple N301 would be, according to information from Bloomberg, would currently be a prototype with a release scheduled for 2022. The headset would carry one of the most powerful processors ever used by Apple. The headset’s resolution would be well above the resolutions of competing devices. Also according to the information, the chips tested for the N301 would be more powerful than the M1 processors used on some MACs.

In terms of price, the Apple N301 would be much more expensive than other headsets on the market with an annual sales target of 180,000 units. Or one headset sold per day and by Apple Store.

A light and compact helmet?

According to information gathered by Bloomberg, the Apple N301 is made of fabrics in order to reduce its weight. Like the Oculus Quest, the N301 would be a standalone wireless headset that could be used anywhere you want and without being plugged into a PC or console.

The size of the Apple headset would be similar to that of the Quest and to gain ergonomics and comfort, Apple has decided to remove the space reserved for glasses for users with eye corrections. Instead, the Cupertino company would offer a lens system that could be integrated into the helmet. Apple would thus be looking for a way to allow the purchase of this kind of lenses (which are generally prescribed by medical prescription) in order to be able to buy them online or in store for the Apple N301. It remains to be seen how the firm at the apple plans to go about adapting to the numerous regulations depending on the country.

N421: Augmented reality according to Apple

To conclude, Bloomberg also talks about augmented reality glasses. The product code name would be N421 and the presentation would be scheduled for 2023. The idea would be to offer a more affordable product for the general public. Unlike the N403 helmet, the N421 glasses are only at the architectural stage and therefore not at an advanced stage.

As always with these kinds of rumors, this is to be taken with a grain of salt (although Bloomberg is a very serious medium with many sources having already proven themselves in the past).

It only remains to be patient and wait for the official announcements of the firm at the apple, even if the arrival in the VR now seems inevitable.