The arrival of the next-gen has only been beneficial for Sony, Microsoft and its Xbox Series X and Series S realizing a clear increase in terms of revenue. With 51% more revenue than last year, Microsoft is doing a superb operation, and it is important to note that the Xbox is not the only one responsible.

Hardware sales on the rise, but not only

While hardware revenue climbs 86% thanks to Xbox sales, Microsoft is also seeing good growth in content and services. Indeed, this sector is experiencing a 40% increase, benefiting from a clear increase in Game Pass subscriptions. And while more and more Xbox gamers are opting for Game Pass, many of them are adding a few extras like Netflix.

Today, the Game Pass is more than 18 million subscribers, and more than 100 million active users per month for Xbox Live, taking into account consoles, PC, and smartphones.

This next-gen year, coupled with health measures, allowed Microsoft to achieve its best launch for a new console, but also to observe a nice increase in game sales. During the last quarter, Xbox games helped the gaming arm of Microsoft to generate more than 5 billion in sales.

In full confidence, Microsoft did not hesitate to attack once again its eternal rival: Apple. The Redmond firm has published an advertisement for its Surface Pro 7, in which we can perceive a mockery of the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro. The young man who compares the MacBook Pro and the Surface Pro 7 says: “Mac gave me this little bar, but why can’t they just give me a full touchscreen? ”