True queen license of the FPS category for a few years, the only one able to stand up to the Call of Duty juggernaut after the defeat of Medal of Honor, Battlefield has been lost in battle in recent years leaving the license of Activision to dominate alone in the lead sales on PC and consoles. Since Battlefield 1 in 2016, the Electronic Arts series is no longer really attractive, even if the climax remains Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 in 2011 and 2013.

According to many rumors, Battlefield 6 is well in development to arrive this year. Obviously, EA intends to go back to basics to try to seduce players again.

Battlefield: A reboot inspired by the third opus

Battlefield 3 is the best-selling opus of the series with nearly 17.4 million copies sold. It is also the most appreciated episode and the one which holds the best rating in the world with a nice 89% on MetaCritic, tied with Battlefield 1. Obviously, Electronic Arts and DICE (the developers) will be greatly inspired by it for the new one. opus which is planned this year on PC and consoles.

According to insider Tom Henderson, a well-known informant of the “BF” universe, the next installment in the series would not be “Battlefield 6”, but a reboot that would simply bear the name of Battlefield without any subtitles and no figure. A first in the saga. According to our colleagues from VGC who reported the insider’s comments, DICE would start from zero for the license with an atmosphere and a universe similar to those of the third episode.

Still according to Tom Henderson, this license reboot would offer cross-platform multiplayer (PC, PlayStation and Xbox together) to 128 players! Or two teams of 64 players. The game is expected for this fall (probably October 2021) on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. An old-gen version on PS4 and Xbox One is also in development by another studio with multiplayer stuck at 64 players.

Finally, the insider concluded by indicating that a Battle-Royale mode would be well in preparation for this new Battlefield, but Tom Henderson does not have any other information. Will this mode be available at launch? Later ? Free or paid? We will have to wait a little longer to get the first official information about this new opus.

In any case, EA confirmed at the end of 2020 that six next-gen games were under development, including a new Battlefield for 2021. One thing is therefore certain, the first information should not be too late!