Because it is not only Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile and soon Apex Legends Mobile in the life of the nomad gamer, Electronic Arts announces today that a new Battlefield Mobile will be launched in 2022. A will for the publisher to distribute its Battlefield license on as many platforms as possible, and iOS and Android players will soon be able to take part in the adventure.

Battlefield will also be entitled to its Mobile version

Indeed, with its partners DICE and Industrial Toys, Electronic Arts is preparing for Battlefield’s foray into the mobile gaming market. A game that benefited from “several years of prototyping”According to EA, and which will constitute a game apart, thought out and dedicated for the mobile. Understand by this that it will be a separate episode, both unique and demanding.

Make no mistake: this is a game in its own right. Designed specifically for the mobile platform, this is a separate episode from the one we are preparing on consoles and PC. Entirely developed by iToys, this unique and demanding Battlefield experience will allow you to take advantage of the license at any time. This mobile game enters a test period before it goes live next year”Explains Oskar Gabrielson, Managing Director at DICE.

For those who are impatiently waiting to be able to discover a new opus of the Battlefield saga on their console and PC, do not panic, a new opus is in preparation, and will be available “later in 2021“. Electronic Arts explains that it is currently in the phase of daily tests to refine, balance and give birth “to the best Battlefield ever.

However, do not expect to play this new Battlefield Mobile in the coming months, since the giant Electronic Arts has already confirmed that it will not be available before the beginning of the year 2022.