Catch them all… while staying at home!

A few days ago, we learned that some worshipers of Pokémon GO (including a 77-year-old Spanish) did not hesitate to defy confinement to indulge in the joys of capturing on their smartphones. Remember that the game signed Niantic mixes exploration and augmented reality, and one of the main interests of the game is … to go out.

The publisher had already announced various measures to adapt its Pokémon GO to containment measures, and Niantic has just announced a new function. Called Remote Raid Pass, the latter allows players to take part in a raid, without having to travel. It will thus be enough simply to click on a raid, to launch the confrontation.

Pokémon Go: absolute record

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A Remote Raid Pass… for a fee

Obviously, as in life, everything gets changed in Pokémon GO, and this Remote Raid Pass will not be offered free to players. They will have to pay the sum of 100 Pokepieces to acquire it, or about € 1.

According to Niantic, these ranged raids will include a maximum of 20 players, but only " a limited quantity »Of players will be able to use a Remote Raid Pass. Remember that raids are fights that involve the presence of several players, the challenge being too difficult to be taken up solo.

As a reminder, Niantic has already launched various initiatives to limit travel, such as lowering prices on incense, or reducing the distance required to travel to hatch the precious Pokémon eggs. This new Remote Raid Pass function should arrive via a next Pokémon GO update. Note that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite should also receive a similar function in the coming days.