Saturday August 28 next may be a day like any other for many, but be aware that it is the day chosen by Apple to meet the National Parks Day.

For this, and as regularly in the year for Apple users, a new health challenge is to be achieved on this date.

1.6 km to do at home or in the forest

To succeed in the challenge, you must travel a distance of 1.6 km during a walking, running or wheelchair exercise, at home or outdoors. The challenge can be completed through the Exercise app on Apple Watch, or through any other third-party application capable of recording exercise in the Health app on iOS.

In any case, if you meet this objective, you will find a special badge in the app. Form on iPhone, “Trophies” section. But you’ll also earn exclusive animated stickers to use in iMessage or FaceTime. Here they are :

National parks iMessage stickers 2021

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Who among you has planned to respond to this new Apple health challenge?

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By: Keleops AG