Last week, it was once again without warning that Sony made the Internet vibe again by unveiling the new controller for the PlayStation 5. While everyone expected to see the "DualShock 5", here is PlayStation presents the DualSense, a completely redesigned controller with a very futuristic design that clearly announces the arrival of the “next-gen”. A controller that was revealed via a press release on the PlayStation Blog. According to our information, the Covid19 crisis would have changed a lot of plans for Sony who did not want to reveal this controller via a "simple" press release on its official website. We hope that for the big reveal of its console, PlayStation will find another more sympathetic solution. Anyway, concerning this controller, it could still hide many secrets preciously kept by Sony.

Touchpad ? Or touch screen?

PS5 DualSense patent

© Sony

It is therefore in a patent put online in February 2020 and made public at the end of last week that we still discover things around this famous "touchpad". As we saw with the first three images of the DualSense, the touchpad of the new PS5 controller has expanded compared to the touchpad of the DualShock 4 on PS4. And if Sony made this choice, it may be because it could be able to display images. More specifically, we are talking here about shapes or symbols that should be drawn with his finger. As well as a function allowing to display in real time your track or the areas touched by your fingers on the pad. There is also talk of a built-in memory, capable of recording and displaying the latest "drawn" gestures. Suffice to say that this famous touchpad could be much more interesting than it appears in the photos.

In the same series of patents, we learn that the DualSense would not have one, but three integrated microphones. This would isolate the user's voice. It is worth remembering that this recently posted patent remains a "patent". And that it is not certain that these features will be retained by Sony. As well as no information on the quality and materials of the famous "touchpad" is provided. This kind of technology was perhaps too expensive to be incorporated into the final version of DualSense. For that, we just have to wait and wait for the next speech from Sony about its next-gen.