For a few years now, many players (young and old) have sworn by one title: Fortnite. A real torture for some parents, some of whom even have to undergo dance demonstrations from their dear toddlers every night, but a Fortnite that has the merit of being offered for free, that’s already it.

A “Fortnite Club” subscription from December 2

Obviously, the game is full of in-app purchases, but Epic Games has just officialized a news that may make more than one parent disillusioned. Indeed, the publisher announces the “Fortnite Club”, a new offer which will be deployed on December 2, and which is intended as a means ” optimize the general gaming experience In Fortnite.

Concretely, this will take the form of a subscription, priced at € 11.99 / month. Members of the Fortnite Club will thus be able to directly access the precious battle pass for the current season, and the next ones, as long as the subscription is obviously active. Best of all, the subscriber will also receive a total of 1,000 V-Bucks (the in-game virtual currency) each month to spend in the store.

But that’s not all ! Indeed, the precious sesame also makes it possible to obtain an exclusive set which includes an outfit (which can be kept indefinitely). For this month of December, subscribers will be able to claim the Galaxia Outfit, the Cosmic Lamacorne Pickaxe, and the Fractured World Accessory.

Each month, Epic Games will (obviously) take care of offering a special outfit, and an accessory, to encourage as many players as possible to renew their subscription every month. Note that your subscription is associated with the platform on which you purchased it until it is canceled. It is not transferable. It is therefore more than advisable to select your platform of preference (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, etc.) carefully when purchasing a subscription.

Now you know what might be wondering about Christmas …