Two days ago, it is a patent on the potential controller of the PS5 leaked on the net. A patent to find that Sony has designed a controller quite similar to that of the PS4 with some additional features. As always with patents, we know they are official, but we do not know if they are final versions or prototypes during development.

Thus, we will always be uncertain with these new patents, however, they deserve a glance, because they are very interesting and probably concern the new possibilities of sharing the PS5.

Sharing backups back on PS5?

Patents Share PS5 Backups


Do you remember the days of PSOne or PS2, where sharing a backup with a friend was so simple? Thanks to the memory card, it was possible to copy a file from one card to another in a few seconds. On PS3, it was enough to copy your data on a USB key to share your progress, again, in a few seconds.

A little fun on PS4 since each backup is linked with a PSN account and only with one account. But that may be old story with the PS5. Or at least partially!

Indeed, according to the latest official patents from Sony, the firm would work (or have worked) on the idea of ​​sharing backups.

Patents Share PS5 Backups


The above images show the operation of sharing backups, but also sharing demos. Because yes, the idea of ​​Sony is to offer players to help each other on PS5. A feature that would be primarily intended for PlayStation Now in order to continue its improvement (after the price drop last month).

The idea would be to offer players to share their backups on PS5 with other players via a point of backup in a specific game, and then send it by mail or social networks to a friend. This feature would be available on all games on the PS Now and games sold on the PlayStation Store.

In the same way that players can capture their gameplay and modify it as they please, it would be a question of sending an extract of a game that one would have modified. For example, cutting some passages or others. In order to allow your friends to play a demo created from scratch by you and resume a game at the point of your choice via your backup.

A complex but very interesting idea that could put forward more innovative and interactive social features for PS5 players. It remains to be seen now if Sony will decide to keep this idea and if it will please publishers and developers that millions of players can "change" some passages of their games.