Porsche 911 Turbo S 992

© Porsche

Porsche is working on a hybrid version of the legendary 911. This new engine could agree with the restyling of the 911 in 2022. This time, it is not a competition version like the GT3 R Hybrid of 2010, but much a mass-produced version.

" The future is electric " This sentence pronounced in 2019 by Klauss Zellmer, boss of Porsche for the American market, already gave the trend of the German firm's new development projects. It is therefore logical that the unbeatable Porsche 911 goes through there, even if the purists will cry out in scandal.

What if the most powerful production Porsche 911 was a hybrid?

At the base of the 911 Turbo S e-Hybrid, we find the internal combustion engine of the Turbo S. With its 3.8 turbo 650 horsepower coupled to an electric motor, the future 911 hybrid should flirt or even exceed 700 horsepower.

The first prototypes were produced and tested in-house, but Porsche gives very little information at the moment. His CEO, Oliver Blume, only said, " The platform of the 911 hybrid is ready […] it's very fun to drive " This model should receive the green brake calipers typical of Porsche hybrid versions, such as the Panamera or the Cayenne.

Between Hybrid and Rechargeable Hybrid: the choice of performance above all

Oliver Blume also explains that he had to make a choice between the hybrid and the plug-in hybrid. The heavy weight of a rechargeable hybrid tipped the scales for a much lighter non-rechargeable version.

Porsche 911 Turbo S 992

© Porsche

Indeed here, weight is considered the enemy of performance. And a Porsche 911 hybrid weighing more than 1,800 or 1,900 kilograms would move away from the sensations usually produced by its thermally powered sisters. The choice of sportiness therefore dictated the decision to design this non-rechargeable 911 Turbo S e-Hybrid.

However, a plug-in hybrid version is not an option in the more distant future.

Source: Motor1