Since November 10, Microsoft has been marketing its new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in France. New generation consoles which, like Sony’s PS5, are particularly difficult to find in stores. Stocks are very (very) low, and shops are literally taken by storm as soon as a handful of models are put back on sale …

The portable Xbox fantasy returns!

On the Sony side, if we have already set foot in the portable console market (with the PSP, then the PS Vita), at Microsoft, despite persistent rumors, we have remained faithful to the console “living room”Since 2001. On TikTok, the user ImKashama brought the fantasy of a portable Xbox to life. A console called Xbox Series Z.


XBOX Series Z Portable 🕹 #xbox #xboxseries #xboxseriesx #gamingvideos

♬ WUNNA – Gunna

The video reveals a relatively futuristic portable console, with a design reminiscent of a Nintendo 3DS XL, which opens automatically at the press of a button. The concept also has a large borderless screen, not to mention a small touchscreen at the controls.

We obviously find the asymmetrical sticks Xbox way, the directional cross and the various buttons of the Microsoft controller. Obviously, this is a completely fictitious concept, which has nothing official, but we have to admit that the object is rather successful, and some (re) take to dreaming of the launch one day a portable Xbox.

Recall that in 2016, the American giant would have given much thought to launching a portable console, but that the project ultimately never materialized. In view of the success of the Nintendo Switch, which has eclipsed the 3DS range at Nintendo, it is difficult to see Microsoft (or Sony) offering a 100% portable console, as a “hybrid” type console would be much more appropriate today. So to follow (but we do not believe it too much).