It's no longer a secret, Sony and Microsoft are working hard on the arrival of the new generation of consoles that is expected for the end of 2020 with the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. If from the beginning, everyone saw the month of November as a good exit window, it seems that it is also the choice of Sony and Microsoft.

Everything starts as often social networks and different insiders who have already revealed in the past some information about the plans of two firms and including the insider PSErebus (which has come to light recently by announcing PlayStation's return to E3 2020).
In a recent thread, PSErebus unveiled a lot of information on the PS5 that could arrive in November 2020 with a higher price than the PS4 and already the first launch games!

PlayStation 5: November 2020

PlayStation 5 PS5 logo

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So in a recent thread on Twitter that PSErebus said the PlayStation 5 would be launched on November 20, 2020 around the world at a price of € 499.99. This represents an increase of 100 € compared to the PS4 which had an introductory price of 399,99 €. This price increase is explained by a technical sheet of the PS5 more consistent than that of the PS4 with AMD Zen 2 and NAVI and a SSD storage that would be 2TO always according to the first rumors.

In terms of launch games, if for several months now we suspect a certain Horizon 2 to be developing side of Guerrila Games, PSErebus announced that it is Gran Turismo 7 that could accompany the release of the PS5. A surprising information when we know the development concerns of Gran Turismo 5 which was also expected to arrive at the time of the release of the PS3 and which finally arrived with two and a half years late.

Finally, always the same insider, the PS5 would be very backwards compatible and would play games PSOne, PS2, PS3 and PS4. This last reminder also that the PS5 was planned at the base for December 4, 2020 to correspond to the launch date of the very first PlayStation (December 3, 1994). However, Sony would have decided to advance this release date to remain in the 25th anniversary year of the PlayStation brand (from December 4, 2019 to December 3, 2020).

Xbox Scarlett: November 2020 also

Project Scarlett Microsoft / PS5

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Although it is specialized on the PlayStation side, PSErebus would also have information about the competition with Microsoft and Xbox Scarlett. According to the user, the machine of Microsoft would also be scheduled for the month of November, with an output upstream of the PS5. Project Scarlett would be scheduled for November 6, 2020 with a price of 499 € as the PS5. As for gaming, Microsoft has already formalized the arrival of the next Halo Infinite as Xbox Scarlett's launch game at the end of 2020.

We remind of course that all this remains at the stage of rumor. Although the insider was able to prove himself in the past, he also announced two-three things that are not produced. For example his announcement on a first presentation of the PS5 at a PlayStation Experience on December 6. A potential event that has not been announced yet and surely will not be.

It only remains to wait even if there is a good chance that Sony and Microsoft will organize a first speech in early 2020 before fully lifting the veil on their new machine at the E3 2020 in Los Angeles. As for the release of the new generation, the month of November 2020 seems to be the perfect moment! Case to follow.