As we slowly approach the first anniversary of The Last Of Us Part.II, it seems that the hour is not idle for Naughty Dog. According to Jason Schreier, a reporter at Bloomberg, the Californian studio is currently working on many projects.

A remake of The Last Of Us on PS5

The first adventures of Joël and Ellie will celebrate their eighth anniversary next June. In 2014, a remaster was released on PS4 and the game still looks great today. Despite this, Sony wants to offer a version designed entirely for the PS5. Much more than a simple remaster, Naughty Dog would be working on a remake of the title.

Developed since 2018 under the code name “T1X”, this project was led by the Sony San Diego team, before the latter came to help Naughty Dog to complete the development of The Last Of Us Part.II. From the summer of 2020, production would have been relaunched, but under the direction of Naughty Dog who would now be in charge with support from Sony San Diego.

A multiplayer game in collaboration with Bend Studio (Days Gone)

Days Gone PS5

© Bend Studio

In addition to this remake project, Naughty Dog would work in collaboration with Bend Studio, the developers of Days Gone for a multiplayer game. At this time, we have no further information. But there is a good chance that this multiplayer game will be the “Faction” mode of The Last Of Us Part.II.

That would make sense considering that Bend Studio is well acquainted with the post-apocalypse world universe with Days Gone. One thing is certain in any case, the game is well in preparation.

A new Uncharted opus also in the plans?

What if on top of that, Naughty Dog slowly prepared Uncharted’s return? Even before the “T1X” project, Sony San Diego wanted to develop a remake of Uncharted Drake’s Fortune, the very first game of the license released on PS3 in 2007. A project too expensive, refused by Sony and replaced by the remake of The Last Of Us.

At the same time, Sony would have asked Bend Studio to design a new Uncharted opus with the support of Naughty Dog. Sadly, the developers of Days Gone quickly pulled out of the project for fear of being absorbed into Naughty Dog. We learn through insider Nibel and journalist Jason Schreier that Bend Studio is back at work on one of their game, and no one knows if the Uncharted project was canceled or fully picked up by Naughty Dog.

There’s also a new Uncharted game in development by Naughty Dog that a team at Bend Studio had to help out until they feared being absorbed into ND and asking to be pulled from the project (they’re now working on their own new game).

Nibel, Twitter

No, I don’t know if the game is still in development. It was all in Bend’s plans.

Jason Schreier, Twitter

All that remains is to wait until Sony and Naughty Dog confirm all of their projects. With a little luck, we could have some information this summer between theE3 and the Summer Game Fest.