A 14-year-old girl was talked about this week, thanks to an invention offering better driving visibility. With the help of a camera and a projector, she intends to put an end to the thorny problem of blind spots. If the system seems ingenious, especially coming from a inventor so young, it should not be too excited.

Alaina Gassler is far from being old enough to drive a car, but she is already sensitive to issues related to road safety. At 14, she invented a device to show the driver what he can not see normally.

Soften blind spots

The system, which tackles the issue of blind spots, is based on a fairly intuitive idea. It consists of a camera placed outside the vehicle, as well as a projector located inside, which projects a video stream on the front uprights. As shown in the video above, the installation makes it possible to make the structure of the car almost transparent, which can hide certain obstacles. This impression is, furthermore, amplified by adding a reflective material on the upright.
If the invention of Alaina Gassler is only at the prototype stage, it has already convinced several scientists. The teenager has indeed won the first prize of the Broadcom MASTERS contest, reserved for college students, worth $ 25,000.

Is this the crux of the problem?

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the device created by the girl is not yet ready to be truly integrated into a vehicle. On the demonstration video, tests are only performed at a standstill or at a reduced pace.

One may wonder, however, how the automobile industry was overtaken by a 14-year-old girl. But in reality, several actors are already working on systems to hide the amounts of cars. Some, like Hyundai and Kia, have filed a patent application for a similar solution, relying on cameras and projectors. And others have explored alternative avenues to enhance driver visibility, such as Continental, Toyota or Jaguar Land Rover.

Finally, Alaina Gassler rightly states: " Many road accidents affect drivers unable to see because of blind spots ". But does her invention really solve this problem? On the comments of the YouTube video above, users confirm that some vehicles have large amounts, thus hiding part of the road. But others point out that the main danger of blind spots lies elsewhere: on the side, in areas not covered by side mirrors.

Source: The Verge