Last year, Google entered the video game world with the launch of Stadia. Unlike other players like Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, the Mountain View company does not offer a physical console. It focused directly on the cloud gaming. The video games are launched on Google’s servers, and then the games are streamed to the user’s device. As a result, Stadia allows you to play AAA games even if the player does not have a console or gaming PC.

Currently, Stadia is already accessible on computers, smartphones, as well as on Chromecast Ultra. And soon, it would also be possible to take advantage of Google’s cloud gaming service on a television if it uses the Android TV operating system.

As of the launch of Stadia, we suspected that Google would sooner or later offer its cloud gaming service on Android TV. But today, a new clue suggests that a Stadia app for this version of Android for televisions is well under development.

As our colleagues from 9to5Google report, by delving into the .apk file of the latest version of the Stadia application for Android, they discovered new clues regarding the development of an Android TV version of the cloud gaming service. . And using a technique called sideloading, 9to5Google would even have managed to run part of the Stadia application that is intended for Android TV.

Otherwise, the site would also have discovered clues suggesting that Google is also developing a touch controller for the Stadia application on Android. In essence, the idea would be to allow daytime players to play games on Stadia with a virtual controller, when they do not have a physical controller.

Stadia: Google's offer is finally starting to get interesting

When Google launched Stadia in 2019, the offer from the Mountain View firm did not quite match gamers' expectations. But little by little, Google is updating Stadia in order to make the cloud gaming service more interesting.

For example, Google is expanding the Stadia catalog with more than a hundred titles that will be available before the end of the year. And if at first Stadia was only available on Pixel smartphones, now it is possible to take advantage of the cloud gaming service on certain smartphones from other brands.

Recently, Google also officially launched the free version of Stadia, which allows you to play games (these can be paid or free) without having to pay for a "Pro" subscription.