Berlin 1933, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party has just won the legislative elections and the latter finds himself propelled to the head of the German government. It’s the start of a twelve-year period that will lead to World War II and the terrible dramas that history lessons teach us. The era also saw the birth of several Resistance groups who refused to accept the violence of this arbitrary and unjust power.

Through the Darkest of Times, the latest Paintbucket Games game available on PC, offers us to follow the journey of these men and women engaged against the barbarism of the regime. The team is made up of very different citizens who a priori have nothing else in common than their opposition to Nazism.

When little stories make big history

Each week includes a briefing which allows everyone to meet and discuss the problems encountered. Next comes a phase of careful preparation of actions on a map of Berlin. In particular, it is possible to collect donations to finance your activities. We can also choose to establish links with sympathizers, make and distribute leaflets, tag walls … Gathering information on the regime’s intentions is also essential in an attempt to show its true nature internationally.

The choice of protagonists is essential here. It is, for example, very risky to send a Conservative Liberal to try to convince workers in a striking factory to join our cause, or else they will fail. The punishment can be very cruel because the police of the Reich watch. SS, Gestapo and SA are after you and arrests can occur at any time.

At the end of the week, many scenes with multiple choices allow you to better capture the electric atmosphere of the time. The player therefore attends among onlookers historical events such as the Reichstag fire in 1933, the Berlin Olympics in 1936. The war then begins until the end of the game which ends shortly after the German capitulation in May 1945 .

It is precisely in these scripted phases that Through the Darkest of Times is most interesting. We are going through extremely touching moments trying to help as best we can, group members, neighbors, or even strangers who are struggling to get by. The game confronts us with heartbreaking choices and manages to bring together personal challenges that are punctual in the great story.

We come out exhausted but satisfied with these eight hours of very engaging adventure which highlight the journey of brave men and women who refused to bow to injustice.