On this Sunday afternoon, Sid, a young author, is totally out of inspiration. While he was very successful with the release of his first novel, writing a second one seems an almost insurmountable task. An email from his editor is there to add a little pressure: he must send a summary of his new story by tonight. As a sign of fate, the writer is then invited for dinner at his mother’s house. One last visit to the house where he grew up before it was sold the next day.

This is how the new narrative game starts Forgotten Fields which has just been released on PC. Signed by independent studio Frostwood Interactive, this title is published by Dino Digital. He tells us about this day full of emotions where the young man will in turn discuss with his old friends and find the places that rocked his childhood. The story therefore often turns to the past that we relive through well-placed flashbacks.

Simplified gameplay in the service of history

Forgotten Fields frequently pours into nostalgia and melancholy. The characters evoke their good memories and wonder about the relativity of time. The theme of the creative process is also discussed and our hero, who was very inspired when he wrote for fun, struggles much more since he made his passion into a profession. We can also see in hollow a critique of the literary and cultural industry at large, when Sid seems to regret having to write for a target audience and not for his personal happiness.

Never difficult, the game focuses above all on the story which is remarkably written and told. A few choices of dialogues and mini-quests distract the player, but nothing really insurmountable. These small phases of action are just there to alternate with the contemplative scenes which are the basis of this fiction.

Another cause for celebration: the exceptional soundtrack by micAmic. It gives extra thickness at certain key moments. The game is also visually successful and we can say that its creator, Armaan Sandhu, knew how to create his style.

Forgotten Fields is of course not free from some flaws. We regret at times a capricious camera and not always adapted to certain phases of action. The gameplay is also not free from a few bugs, especially when playing the controller. None, however, prevents advancing in the adventure, as is sometimes the case with some triple A games.

Finally, it should be noted that Frostwood Interactive is not at its first attempt and had already signed Rainswept, a remarkably successful point and click investigation that borrowed a little from the series Twin peaks.

Find Forgotten Fields on Steam and GOG.com for € 9.17. A free demo is available to get an idea before buying.