The least we can say is that Stadia has taken all its time. 526 days after its launch, the cloud gaming platform finally gets a search bar. Users of the service will therefore be able to navigate a little better among the 172 games currently available. Searches can be carried out in the store, but also in the library.

This late arrival is nevertheless very welcome when we know that a hundred new titles will be offered to subscribers this year. Please note, however, that this feature should currently only be accessible to Stadia users on a web browser.

The highly anticipated Resident Evil Village will be on Stadia

Other new features were also announced for Stadia. Thus, you will soon be able to sort your games by category. A distinction will therefore be made between titles purchased, free, free to play, or those obtained via your Stadia Pro subscription.

The platform also communicated on another novelty:

Your Stadia activity feed lets you show off your best video captures and help your friends find your game status with State Share. You’ll also be able to explore other players’ content to help you find your next favorite game.

Finally, the service specifies that it will soon be possible to connect via a web browser on Android without having to use its application.

As a reminder, Stadia is far from meeting Google’s expectations since its launch. Recently, the tech giant even decided to close its internal studios. A cold shower for many players and a very bad signal for the future.

However, the platform has promised many new games to its users for this year. So it is with the highly anticipated Resident Evil Village, but also of Hello Engineer, and Farming Simulator 2. For this month of May, Stadia Pro subscribers will also be able to play for free Trine 4 – The Nightmare Prince, a puzzle game, but also to Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, a very nervous shooter that has found its audience. The musical game Floor Kids will finally be present, where we embody children who try their hand at breakdance.