It’s been a few years now that multiplayer has taken on a more than important dimension in the video game market. If some titles still give pride of place to local multiplayer (like the recent Sackboy: A Big Adventure on PS5), the majority of games have opted for the “online” formula.

The PlayStation player is a single player (according to Sony)

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So even the most “solo” games have one day or another set foot in the multi. This was the case of God of War on PS3, but also of Uncharted, or of The Last of Us first of the name. So much so that for some, solo play definitely seems to be a genre on the decline …

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However, according to a recent study conducted internally at Sony, intended to explain how Activities on PS5 work, PlayStation players are still very fond of solo play. According to this study, PlayStation gamers actually prefer to spend time playing offline, rather than online.

On the home side Playstation studios, we have also put the solo back at the heart of recent house productions. This is the case of Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, God of War PS4, The Last of Us Part 2, Horizon Zero Dawn or the recent Demon’s Souls. According to Sony, the main concern for the PlayStation gamer is actually the (lack of) time.

Indeed, since it is not possible, for the majority of players, to allow themselves several hours of play every day, Sony has developed Activities, which allow you to quickly get out of a bad situation in a difficult situation. video game. These allow you to benefit from certain shortcuts (teleporting to an area for example), but also to sometimes explain certain challenges.

At Sony, we explain: “ In an ideal world, all players would have time to spend hours playing each day. In reality, most people have a job. Or children. Or school. Or all at once. Free time often comes in between other obligations. An hour before going to bed. 30 minutes between two jobs. “Suffice to say that the modern player must often know” optimize “Maximum playing time, which would push many, according to Sony, to favor single player play.