While Microsoft is currently facing serious challenges with its new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Phil Spencer still predicts a bright future for the Xbox gaming division. Already particularly satisfied with the past year, the boss of Xbox promises an even more incredible year 2021.

An incredible 2021 at Xbox

Unlike Sony, Microsoft has made a habit of no longer communicating (officially) the number of Xboxes sold. However, Phil Spencer recently described 2020 as “a very good year“, Despite an insufficient stock of Xbox Series X at the end of the year to meet very strong demand.

The boss of the Xbox division has promised that the production rate is as high as possible, and that all production lines are currently running at maximum capacity. Obviously, Xbox promises a completely crazy year 2021, with the arrival of the first “next-gen” games, starting with The Medium at the end of the month.

To this will also be added Halo Infinite, but also Flight Simulator, to name a few. So many titles that we will find via Xbox Game Pass, clearly THE great pride of Microsoft in recent years. It remains to be seen what Xbox has in store for us for 2021. As a little anecdote, the Xbox France team is currently looking for reinforcement for the coming months, proof of a very busy news to come…?

Note that it is rumored that Microsoft could also take advantage of 2021 to launch a new Xbox, whose official name could be Xbox Series XS. It could be a console as powerful as the Xbox Series X, but without any disc drive.