We can no longer count the stories of people who have been literally saved thanks to the features of their Apple Watch. We know that it can spot drops in blood pressure, see the first signs of heart disease and various other health problems. A new example is provided to us by a mishap that has just happened to a 78-year-old American living in North Carolina.

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This feature is not unanimous

Mike Yager was quietly walking around his house when he had a sudden fall. He fell on the sidewalk and then lost consciousness. Noting that the man was no longer moving, his connected watch then dialed the emergency number and notified the emergency services.

Talking to them, he didn’t understand how the firefighters learned about his fall and refused to believe his Apple Watch had called them. The emergency services then resolved to show him the communication logs of his connected watch and he did not get over it.

As our colleagues from idropnews, this fall detection feature is present on Apple Watch Series 4 and later. To use it, you must activate the option in the parameters and add the coordinates of the emergency services located nearby. Note that this tool is not unanimous because some emergency services have had to deal with a higher number of calls which are not always legitimate, which can sometimes bother them.

In the past, this feature has already saved lives. We spoke to you in particular last February about the case of this British cyclist. After heavy flooding and while he was driving along a river, the level of the latter quickly rose before winning. He eventually managed to hang on to a tree and was able to call for help using his smartwatch. He was then located and was able to return home.

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